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Types of Monitor Cablesthumbnail
Types of Monitor Cables
Even though most computer monitors today are LCD panels, there is still a number of different ways to connect them to your computer. Monitor connections vary on both the type and size of the monitor. Some older monitors will use an analog VGA cable, while newer monitors will use a digital signal over a DVI, HDMI or Display Port cable.
  1. VGA

    • VGA Cable
      Video Graphics Array (VGA) delivers an analog video signal over a 15-pin VGA cable. VGA is common on CRT monitors and older LCD monitors. Since the signal is not digital, LCD monitors convert the analog signal to a digital signal to be displayed on the screen. Noise and artifacts may appear on LCD monitors connected with a VGA cable. If possible, a digital cable should be used to connect an LCD monitor. VGA has gone through many changes since it was originally released. The original VGA only supported up to a resolution of 640x480. Other forms of VGA included XGA, WXGA, WSXGA and WQXGA. WQXGA will still use the standard VGA cable; however, the resolution is increased to 2560x1600.


    • DVI Cable
      Digital Video Interface (DVI) is one of the most common forms of digital connections for a monitor. DVI cables can have up to 24 pins for a digital signal and four more for an analog signal. DVI cables can come in a few different forms, including DVI Single Link and DVI Dual Link. Released in 1999, DVI Dual Link can support a resolution up to 2560x1600. Since the signal is digital, LCD monitors will not experience the digital artifacts and noise that are common with VGA cables.


    • HDMI Cable
      High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is the standard for digital signals going to LCD TVs and other home theater equipment. Recently, HDMI has been becoming more popular in the computer industry. Many graphic card and monitor manufacturers are starting to include HDMI ports. HDMI cables will deliver the same resolution of the DVI cables; however, HDMI cables will also carry digital audio at the same time. HDMI cables are much smaller than DVI and only have 19 pins.

    DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort

    • While not as popular as HDMI and DVI, DisplayPort is a digital connection that will allow the same resolution of the aforementioned cables. DisplayPort is mainly used with Apple products, including the iMac, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini. Few monitor manufacturers have created 20-pin, DisplayPort-specific monitors due to the low compatibility. Adapters are available to convert a DisplayPort signal into DVI or HDMI.


    • USB Cable
      Main display monitors are not usually connected with USB cables; however, a USB-enabled monitor can be useful as a secondary display. USB monitors are not able to display high resolutions and are limited to 1024x768 due to the bandwidth of the USB 2.0 cable. USB monitors do not require an available port on your computer's video card; they can be used on any computer with a USB connection.

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